Deadliest Journeys

I was asked to design a title logo for an upcoming TV show called “Deadliest Journeys”. The show goes through a series of the worlds most dangerous journeys on land and sea, and covers trips both taken on foot and via vehicle. I was asked to use a font that was strong, and could communicate the “epic” nature of the show. I then chose to use geographical lines inside the font to emphasise that these journeys were rough and off the beaten path. I also contrasted the metallic finish of the font against organic background textures showing that the journeys involved both machines and rural means of transport. Finally I added a stamp styled sub heading where the editors could add the names of each episode.

After I handed over the logo to the production guys they animated it so that they could use it in the titles. Im pretty stoked with what they did, and cant wait to see this show on air!


KFD “Moses Signature Series”

Moses Adams is KFD’s pro skater and I was asked to design his pro boards. Moses is a little different from the other guys on the team in that he is more into Hip Hop, where as most of the others on the team are more rock n roll type of guys. In his boards I worked to incorporate this element of his personality into the graphics while still staying true to the KFD brand identity. I chose to use gold, white, and gray as the spot colours, and created a font that I wrote his name in. One of Moses’ personal requests was that his pitbull be included in one of the graphics, which was also fun to illustrate. We ended up going with two boards, one using his name in the font I created, and the other with the illustration I did of him and his dog.




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Killer “Old English”

For this design I was asked to do a typographic logo design for Killer Truck Co. I really like working with fonts so this design was pretty enjoyable. I chose to use an old english style font as it worked well with the brand, and then developed it to take on a 3D shape. The design is going to be used on T-shirts and Hoodies so I went with a single colour print to keep costs down for the customer.



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This was just a fun job I took on for a friend of mine. He wanted a tattoo and asked me to design it for him. I really enjoy working with typography so had a lot of fun putting this one together. I got a bit carried away with all the decorative elements, and by the time I was done my buddy thought it was a bit over the top for him. I still really enjoyed doing it though, so thought Id put it up here in any case.





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