Some fresh stuff!

Ive just added 3 new illustrations / T-shirt graphics to my portfolio. Click HERE to check them out. All of them have been done for the 2010 Killer ltd range. Im really happy with how these have turned out, and cant wait to see the finished products.

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Killer Team print ads

For this brief I was asked to design two print ads to introduce two of the Killer Ltd skate team members. The ads would be run in Session Skateboarding magazine and printed as posters. As the Killer brand is based around a lifestyle I decided to portray exactly that. We shot each rider in and around the Killer warehouse, just taking it easy and doing what they would on a normal day. The photos both portrayed each riders personality really well, and as a result gave a good indication as to what the brand is about. Both team riders also wore Killer T-shirts that were designed by myself.



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Killer “Live Free or Die”

The “Live Free or Die” shirt has to be one of the most mammoth vector illustrations I have done. Killer wanted a graphic T-shirt with a “Hesh” feel to it. The brief was to go full colour and create something with a strong message. The statement “Live Free or Die” is one that reflects what the Killer brand is all about, and no creature is as synonymous with freedom as an eagle. I started the illustration with the idea of placing it on the chest as if it were a big chest piece tattoo. After finishing the illustration in black line work, I then added colour, and then finally the killer text logo to finish it off. By the time I was done I didn’t want to look at a vector line for weeks, as drawing and colouring every feather too almost 3 days to complete. The end result though was well worth the effort, and I cant wait to see these when they come back from the printers in a week or so time.

Close up of line work.

Close up of colour detail.

Full bird illustration.

T-shirt mock up.

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Killer “Old English”

For this design I was asked to do a typographic logo design for Killer Truck Co. I really like working with fonts so this design was pretty enjoyable. I chose to use an old english style font as it worked well with the brand, and then developed it to take on a 3D shape. The design is going to be used on T-shirts and Hoodies so I went with a single colour print to keep costs down for the customer.



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Killer Trucks print ad

This was the first print ad the Killer truck Co ran and was the first marketing they did for the brand. The focus was to be purely on the product (truck), and introduce people to the brand. In doing so I chose to shoot the truck on a dark background using lighting to punch it out of the page. I also decided to go big on the logo placement so as to drive it home amongst people who saw the ad. Feedback on the ad was great, and even the magazine editor presumed that Killer was a big well established international brand when we submitted the ad.


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