Fox Head Point of Sale

A collection of point of sale items I designed for Fox Head Europe. These were seasonal pieces that were placed in to dealers around Europe. Some were designed specifically to meet a certain stores needs (Giant Bicycles concept store), while others were generic and went out to all dealers.

Wall display units in the Giant Bicycles concept store Madrid:







In store hanging banners:


Table top displays:



Seasonal brand cubes:

fox_cube_pos3 fox_cube_pos2 fox_cube_pos1

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Killer Team print ads

For this brief I was asked to design two print ads to introduce two of the Killer Ltd skate team members. The ads would be run in Session Skateboarding magazine and printed as posters. As the Killer brand is based around a lifestyle I decided to portray exactly that. We shot each rider in and around the Killer warehouse, just taking it easy and doing what they would on a normal day. The photos both portrayed each riders personality really well, and as a result gave a good indication as to what the brand is about. Both team riders also wore Killer T-shirts that were designed by myself.



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Kicks + start (kickstart)

I designed this poster for an art show that Lakai Footwear was hosting. The show was called Kickstart (kicks + art), and involved a number of artists painting onto blank Lakai shoes and loafers. Because the shoes in this show were a blank canvas for the artists I tried to create a poster that put emphasis on the shoes, but also reflected that fact that they were to be used as part of the art. In doing so I illustrated the shoes so that they looked like a colour by number, and then used a rough canvas texture in the background. All of the information about the show was placed in shoe boxes so as to keep the focus on footwear.


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