Fox Head Point of Sale

A collection of point of sale items I designed for Fox Head Europe…. […]

Fox Surf Tripping Video.

In 2011 the Fox Europe surf team went on a road trip through Portugal, France, and Spain…. […]

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Fox Head Boarshorts Campaign

In 2011 Fox heads main focus after Motocross was the surf market. As part of our push into this… […]

Killer Ltd T-shirt Illustrations.

This was another tattoo inspired graphic I did for Killer Ltd. Their projects are always fun to work on… […]

Deadliest Journeys

I was asked to design a title logo for an upcoming show called “Deadliest Journeys”. […]

Verb print ad

This is the first print ad for Verb for an upcoming issue of Session Skate Mag. […]

Logos 1

I thought Id post up a selection of logos I’ve done over the last few months […]

Prison Tattoo Munny

This is a custom Munny I’ve been been working on in my spare time. I do a lot of tattoo […]

Killer Team print ads

For this brief I was asked to design two print ads to introduce two of the Killer […]

Killer “Live Free or Die”

The “Live Free or Die” shirt has to be one of the most mammoth vector illustrations I have […]