Killer “Live Free or Die”

The “Live Free or Die” shirt has to be one of the most mammoth vector illustrations I have done. Killer wanted a graphic T-shirt with a “Hesh” feel to it. The brief was to go full colour and create something with a strong message. The statement “Live Free or Die” is one that reflects what the Killer brand is all about, and no creature is as synonymous with freedom as an eagle. I started the illustration with the idea of placing it on the chest as if it were a big chest piece tattoo. After finishing the illustration in black line work, I then added colour, and then finally the killer text logo to finish it off. By the time I was done I didn’t want to look at a vector line for weeks, as drawing and colouring every feather too almost 3 days to complete. The end result though was well worth the effort, and I cant wait to see these when they come back from the printers in a week or so time.

Close up of line work.

Close up of colour detail.

Full bird illustration.

T-shirt mock up.

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