Great Success!


Those of you who follow my blog will know I’ve been building up my fixie for the last two months or so. All was going well until I had to find some cranks for it. None of the local bike stores had cranks that were suitable, and the few sets I traced online were all too long (yes, Im very fussy when it comes to setting up my bikes). I was about to throw some silly money at a set on the internet but decided to wait until the new year… Anyway, Im currently down at the coast on holiday and thought I’d stop by an old bike shop I sued to visit when I was a kid. Turns out they had NOS sugino 75 track cranks in stock! In the exact length I wanted! And the price was a steal! Im stoked to say the least, and I’ll be bolting these up to the steed as soon as Im back home.

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Yes Im slightly obsessed!


I apologise if my news is filled with links to motorcycle blogs but lets be honest here, they are dope! I will have some more work related stuff in the near future (for those who are interested). But until then take a look at this craftsmanship, attention to detail, and straight up awesomeness! GODSPEED 45/06


Retro Futurism


Today Ive been checking out a bunch of Retro Futurism art, and more specifically the habitats that were created around the 60’s and 70’s. Im really inspired by these works, and find the infinite detail as well as sheer volume that the pictures depict really fascinating (and refreshing). Who knows, with the earth rapidly descending to a point of no return people like NASA might be dusting these artworks off in the not to distant future. More eye popping goodness after the jump. MORE

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The things we do for fun!


Im going to be racing my bicycle this weekend in the Mikes Bikes pump track series. They had one last month and it was a good time for sure. I cant get enough of them bikes!

The good people at Hello Vinyl have also done a feature on my Prison Tat Munny. You can check out their site HERE and follow them on twitter HERE.

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A T-shirt Blog


The good folks at “A T-shirt Blog” just featured the CSL shirt I designed for the Highway Collective. Head on over there and see what they have to say. You can check out the feature HERE, as well as the rest of the shirts I did for the Highway Collective HERE. The A T-shirt Blog site is updated regularly and has tons of rad T’s up there so make sure you look around.

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Corpses from Hell


You going to have to excuse my current obsession with motorcycles. Im afraid it seems I cant get enough of them right now. Anyway, if I even had a bike I’d be pretty excited to roll with these dudes. A biker gang thats into doodling? Art? And even jewelry? believe it! Not to mention they seem to have a pretty good sense of humor. I like them already! When you done looking at the site have a look at the blog. Its a belter! CORPSES FROM HELL

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