Id rock this every day.


I got my motorcycle license when I was 16 and had a TS125 that I use to get around on. I really liked that bike, and had some real good times on it. I also had some pretty grim times on it as well… Riding home in the rain was never fun, and being seemingly invisible to other motorists also didn’t make the daily commute too much fun either. After I got my car licence I sold the bike, and after a few years I let my bike licence expire. Looking at this beauty makes me with I hadn’t let that happen. If I had a steed like this Id ride it every day! Id really like to ride and build my own bikes at some stage, but the thought of having to redo my licence just kills me. Who knows though, stranger things have happened. You can find more pics of this bike (and others) HERE.


The Selvedge Yard


I came across this blog today and Im blown away buy its supreme awesomeness! The Selvedge Yard is a blog dedicated to all manner of retro content, including stuff like “ULTIMATE RETRO SEXY MAN CAVES”, “54 SALT FLATS HOT ROD MEET”, “JOHNNY CASH 1950s SLICK BLACK STYLE”, and “”MAD MEN OF MODERN DESIGN” to name a few. I cant get enough of it, and you should definitely check it out HERE.


Fixie progress


Ive made some headway on my fixie project. The old blue paint has been replaced with a few lashings of satin black, and the new wheels are now bolted into place. So far its looking pretty sweet if I dont say so myself! Im picking up a few more choice bits for it this weekend, so it should be rolling in the not to distant future.

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Prison Tat Munny up in my portfolio


Ive just added some pics of my “Prison Tat” Munny to my portfolio. It was a fun little project to work on in my spare time, and Im keen to do more of these in the future. You can check it out HERE.

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The Ride Journal


The Ride Journal is hands down the best bicycle culture publication out there. There are plenty good bike mags that are specific to a particular type of bike riding, but this mag is the godfather of all bike mags. I don’t know how they do it, but they cover every aspect of bike riding with absolute authority. Never mind the fact tat the design and photography is 2nd to none. Its a gem!

Unfortunately it isn’t distributed very widely, so getting your hands on a copy isn’t as easy as you would like. But when you do find them its worth it. Any of my friends in the UK feeling generous? issue 3 just came out… Christmas present? cough, cough….

Their web site can be found HERE, and if you into any form of bike riding you should definitely check it out.


London Band Photography


My buddy Marcus has recently started a site “London band photography”, and its fast becoming one of my favorite sites to check out every week. Marcus moved to the UK about a year ago and since then he has been shooting bands in and around London. He started the site so folks can keep up to date with his latest work, but if you ask me its fast becoming one of the best weekly documentaries on whats happening in the London music scene.

You can check out LBP HERE, and his personal blog HERE. Go have a look!

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