Some fresh stuff!

Ive just added 3 new illustrations / T-shirt graphics to my portfolio. Click HERE to check them out. All of them have been done for the 2010 Killer ltd range. Im really happy with how these have turned out, and cant wait to see the finished products.

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Killer Ltd T-shirt Illustrations.

These were a series of Illustrations I did for Killer LTD’s new apparel line. The Killer projects are always fun to work on due to their “Live free or Die” attitude. All 3 prints were inspired by Killers dagger icon, as well as the tattoo culture that goes along with the brand. All the designs were created in Adobe Illustrator, and printed on black shirts using discharge inks.


Prison Tattoo Munny

This is a custom Munny I’ve been been working on in my spare time. I do a lot of tattoo inspired graphics for KFD and Killer so thought it would be fun to make a Munny that was covered in various tattoos. Working on these little toys is a lot harder then I thought, and I really should have started on a bigger one. At the end of the day though it was a lot of fun and Im keen to work on more of these. Id like to add a few accessories and packaging to this guy at some stage, but for now he is pretty much done.







Killer “Live Free or Die”

The “Live Free or Die” shirt has to be one of the most mammoth vector illustrations I have done. Killer wanted a graphic T-shirt with a “Hesh” feel to it. The brief was to go full colour and create something with a strong message. The statement “Live Free or Die” is one that reflects what the Killer brand is all about, and no creature is as synonymous with freedom as an eagle. I started the illustration with the idea of placing it on the chest as if it were a big chest piece tattoo. After finishing the illustration in black line work, I then added colour, and then finally the killer text logo to finish it off. By the time I was done I didn’t want to look at a vector line for weeks, as drawing and colouring every feather too almost 3 days to complete. The end result though was well worth the effort, and I cant wait to see these when they come back from the printers in a week or so time.

Close up of line work.

Close up of colour detail.

Full bird illustration.

T-shirt mock up.

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KFD “Moses Signature Series”

Moses Adams is KFD’s pro skater and I was asked to design his pro boards. Moses is a little different from the other guys on the team in that he is more into Hip Hop, where as most of the others on the team are more rock n roll type of guys. In his boards I worked to incorporate this element of his personality into the graphics while still staying true to the KFD brand identity. I chose to use gold, white, and gray as the spot colours, and created a font that I wrote his name in. One of Moses’ personal requests was that his pitbull be included in one of the graphics, which was also fun to illustrate. We ended up going with two boards, one using his name in the font I created, and the other with the illustration I did of him and his dog.




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KFD “Search and Destroy”

Search and Destroy was the theme given to me for this job, and the guys at KFD wanted to use a pirate ship in the design in some way. I had never illustrated a ship before so it was pretty fun doing this one. Getting all the elements of the ship into the drawing was quite a task, and I never thought getting water to work would be so hard. At the end of the day the client was really happy with the result, and I like they way it turned out as well. I’m looking forward to getting one of these decks when they finish production




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