KFD “Search and Destroy”

Search and Destroy was the theme given to me for this job, and the guys at KFD wanted to use a pirate ship in the design in some way. I had never illustrated a ship before so it was pretty fun doing this one. Getting all the elements of the ship into the drawing was quite a task, and I never thought getting water to work would be so hard. At the end of the day the client was really happy with the result, and I like they way it turned out as well. I’m looking forward to getting one of these decks when they finish production




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KFD Skateboards “Good Times”

Good Times is a theme that runs through everything that KFD does, and for this design they asked me to do a deck and T-shirt that went with this theme. Partying, girls, and beer are always good ingredients for a good time, so I chose images along those lines for the illustration. I based the design on a neon light you would find outside a bar, and incorporated the KFD flag as one of the design elements. The guys at KFD were stoked with this design, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished items.




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KFD “80’s Series”

For this job KFD were looking for a range of 3 decks and T-shirt graphics for a new series. My inspiration originally came from the 80’s skate movie “Thrashing” where I got the strap line “Hot, Reckless, Totally Insane”. Building on that I chose subject matter that suited the in your face nature of the KFD brand, and treated them using 80’s colours and techniques. This is one of my favorite series that I have done for KFD.










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KFD “Tattoo Series”

For this range KFD were looking for something inspired by tattoo art. As a brand KFD is very much a “skate or die” type of company, so I set out to design graphics that conveyed a message that would be relevant to what they are all about. The three slogans I chose were, KFD forever, Death or Glory, and Good Times. After illustrating these three concepts I then flexed them out over the decks and T-shirts.








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KFD “Skull n Roses”

KFD were looking for a generic deck graphic that they could roll over from one season to the next. An older design using a skull print had always been a good seller for them and they wanted to freshen it up. Starting with the basic layout from the old graphic I set about designing a board that looked new but wouldn’t age quickly when it was carried over. Three classic images that always work together are skulls, roses, and spider webs, so I decide to use these three elements in revising the graphic. This was the first time I had illustrated roses and I really enjoyed it. They are rather complex shapes, and applying the line and colour to reflect that was interesting challenge. At the end of it I think the board turned out really well, and will hopefully be a good seller for KFD for some time to come.





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