KFD “Moses Signature Series”

Moses Adams is KFD’s pro skater and I was asked to design his pro boards. […]

KFD “Search and Destroy”

Search and Destroy was the theme given to me for this job, and the guys at KFD wanted to […]

Vendetta Cartel T-shirt

The Vendetta Cartel is a Johannesburg based punk band and they asked me to design a T-shirt […]


I painted this portrait of Ruben Alcantara a few years back. He was out here on tour, and […]

KFD Skateboards “Good Times”

Good Times is a theme that runs through everything that KFD does, and for this design they […]

Killer “Old English”

For this design I was asked to do a typographic logo design for Killer Truck Co. […]

KFD “80’s Series”

For this job KFD were looking for a range of 3 decks and T-shirt graphics for a new series. […]

Ladies Bicycle Workshops

Gail and Nicola asked me if I would design the logo for their new venture called “Ladies Bicycle Workshops” […]

KFD “Tattoo Series”

For this range KFD were looking for something inspired by tattoo art. As a brand KFD is very […]

Marcus Maschwitz “Photography”

My buddy Marcus is a kick ass photographer, and I was real excited when he asked me to […]