Fox Surf Tripping Video.

In 2011 the Fox Europe surf team went on a road trip through Portugal, France, and Spain. The trip was documented in Surf Europe magazine, and photos taken during the trip were used in Fox print advertising and Point of Sale during 2011 / 2012. Below is an edit I did of the trip.

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Fox Head Boarshorts Campaign

In 2011 Fox Heads main focus after Motocross was the surf market. As part of our push into this market we ran a number of campaigns. Below if one I created for Magic Seaweed, Europe’s largest online surf portal. The campaign linked back to a microsite that featured the new line of product, and then directed them to an online store. The campaign ran for a month, and during that period online sales of Fox boardshorts increased 60%.

Home Page and Gallery Takeovers:






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Good stuff

Stumbled across these guys via a newsletter they send out. Cracking workshop / brand / group of people. Worth having a look, and while you are there sign up for their newsletter as well. Deus.

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