My New Steed


A few days back Brad sent me an MMS with a pic of a ratty fixie that said I could have it if I wanted it. Ive been wanting one ever since I sold my sword frame so snapped it up while the offer was on the table. The bike was in a sorry state but after doing a bit of sanding it turns out its a pretty legit steed! Vintage Cinelli no less! Im going to be cleaning this bad boy up over the next few weeks, and cant wait to shred the streets on it once its done. I will keep you all updated on the progress (for those of you who are into bikes)…

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.COM on the interweb!


So the new site is finally up and running! And its a .com! Serious stuff… Thanks to Marcus for putting up with all my nit picking while he coded this thing from the other side of the world. We still have a few minor tweaks to do as we go along but for now the site is live and working. The main differences are that I now have a blog to rant on, and this site is way easier to update so I can add work and news a lot easier then before. I hope you guys like!

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