Vendetta Cartel T-shirt

The Vendetta Cartel is a Johannesburg based punk band and they asked me to design a T-shirt graphic for them. The band sings songs revolving around social issues and life in modern day South Africa. For the T-shirt graphic I wanted to use an image that reflected the hard hitting nature of the bands songs, tied in with their name, and also had a taste of latin influence as the singer originates from South America. In the end I think the graphic met all those criteria, and the shirt design was well received by the band and their fans.




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I painted this portrait of Ruben Alcantara a few years back. He was out here on tour, and at the time I was painting portraits of most of my friends so decided to do one of him as well. My buddy Tyrone snapped a photograph of Ruben and I worked off that to paint this picture. It is done with acrylic paints on a sheet of plywood 50cm x 50cm.





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KFD Skateboards “Good Times”

Good Times is a theme that runs through everything that KFD does, and for this design they asked me to do a deck and T-shirt that went with this theme. Partying, girls, and beer are always good ingredients for a good time, so I chose images along those lines for the illustration. I based the design on a neon light you would find outside a bar, and incorporated the KFD flag as one of the design elements. The guys at KFD were stoked with this design, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished items.




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Killer “Old English”

For this design I was asked to do a typographic logo design for Killer Truck Co. I really like working with fonts so this design was pretty enjoyable. I chose to use an old english style font as it worked well with the brand, and then developed it to take on a 3D shape. The design is going to be used on T-shirts and Hoodies so I went with a single colour print to keep costs down for the customer.



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KFD “80’s Series”

For this job KFD were looking for a range of 3 decks and T-shirt graphics for a new series. My inspiration originally came from the 80’s skate movie “Thrashing” where I got the strap line “Hot, Reckless, Totally Insane”. Building on that I chose subject matter that suited the in your face nature of the KFD brand, and treated them using 80’s colours and techniques. This is one of my favorite series that I have done for KFD.










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Ladies Bicycle Workshops

Gail and Nicola asked me if I would design the logo for their new venture called “Ladies Bicycle Workshops”. Ladies Bicycle Workshops are events for ladies where they can learn about bicycles, maintenance, and basic bike skills. With it being an all ladies affair I chose to use bright pinks and blues, and used tones to expand the colour pallet so as to keep print costs down. Incorporating elements in the design that communicated what the workshops were about as well as some decorative icons kept the logo both informative and fun.