Marcus Maschwitz “Photography”

My buddy Marcus is a kick ass photographer, and I was real excited when he asked me to design his corporate identity. He was in the process of moving and needed a fresh look and portfolio to show new customers his work. I came up with the idea of keeping the portfolio very minimalist so that it didn’t detract from the photos themselves. I designed a simple logo that would allow folks to see what he did right away, and used a clean font for his name. The idea was to deliver large format glossy pics to potential customers in a high quality black envelope. Each photo would have its relevant info printed on the back, and the envelope its self would have his logo matt foiled on the front. All in all I wanted the package to look very high end and allow all the attention to fall on his pictures as opposed to the portfolio its self. I still get stoked every time I see him do a photo update on his blog and this logo is on the pics.






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